* Hang under bird feeders to catch seed hulls and debris
* Prevent seed germination, barren spots, and rodent visits
* Create a clean and healthy feeding environment for feeders less than 7″ diameter

Prevent harmful mold, unwanted seed germination, unsightly barren spots, and rodents. Durable plastic dish hangs under feeders less than 7″ in diameter to catch seed hulls and debris for a clean and healthy feeding environment. Includes mounting hardware. 16-3/4″ dia x 3-1/4″ high.



Parts List

Saucer Dish
4, Jack-Chains
6, S-Hooks
1, Eye-Screw

Assembly Instructions
Step 1
Place 3 Chains onto the S-Hook.
Step 2
Place the S-hook with Chains into a pair of pliers and crimp the S-Hook. Make sure the S-Hook is crimped tightly to prevent Chains from slipping off.
Step 3
Place 1 S-Hook at the bottom of each Chain and crimp each S-Hook to secure in place.
Step 4
Place the bottom S-Hooks of all Chains into the holes of the Saucer. Place Chain 1 into the first hole, Chain 2 into the second hole and Chain 3 into the third.

Hanging Instructions

For Tube Feeders – The Seed Saucer hooks directly onto the rod under the tube feeder. For some tube-style feeders, it may be necessary to attach the seed saucer hooks to the feeder sides or to the bottom perches.
For Wood Feeders – Screw the Eye-Screw into the center of the bottom of your wood feeder and hook the Seed Saucer onto the Eye-Screw.
For Tray Feeders – Create an adapter chain by placing 1 S-Hook at each end of the last Jack-Chain and crimp closed. Hook adapter chain onto the base of the tray feeder. Hang the Seed Saucer from the adapter chain. Please Note: Depending on the size of the tray, you will have to measure and cut the chain using a pair of wire cutters before crimping the S-Hooks. The closer the tray is to the feeder, the more seed the Seed Saucer will collect.

*For best results, use the Seed Saucer with tube feeders, feeders with trays not exceeding 6″ in diameter, and with wood feeders not exceeding 7″ in diameter.


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